26 September 2010

Warren Meeting 9/26/10

Absent: Xilo, Dahlia, Tomas

-$25 this week

Common room: keep it clean, decorate!


-rinse out things to put in bin, no need to wash items

-don’t let it become a mountain

-make a list of things that are recyclable

Dishes lateness- don’t do them too late at night, close down kitchen on the earlier side

-cook between 6-7:30, eat dinner earlier


-sterilize containers as chore, dry very thoroughly

-1/2 people do washing on monday, 2 do putting bulk items in them on Tuesday

Party announcements:

-Moon Festival: announce events beforehand, let people cooking know

-muffin dish for guest food money


-take bucket out, dump it out, turn compost w/ pitchfork until it’s covered with dirt

-rinse bucket with hose

Sustainability meetings:

9:30 Friday mornings every other week

Beer: save your beer bottles!

-project to make beer, ask Berkeley or Shannon

Chores: no more crossing your name out!

-bring schedules to meetings to coordinate

-meeting time w/ Doodle

Body Electric/ Community Events:

-used to be Downstage, now it’s Body Electric

-launch party Thursday Oct. 14th, Warren can make food for it? help to cook, budget proposal for Senate. co-sponsorship w/ Warren + PETA + Body Electric

-budget submitted for 22nd for Warren Green Community dinner

-van driver’s licenses!

CSA: talk about how it works, etc., have a relationship with them, go to farms?

Sahmura having first event, next door ice cream party!!!


*hold off on bulk flour

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