07 September 2010


Here is a list of positions that will help our Co-Op become a well-oiled machine. Once we achieve this, we can spend more time creating events to include people on campus in our sustainable/green efforts, general community, and whatever we want our house goals to be! Notice how many of these positions require working with another position.

RW- Rotates Weekly

SL- Semester Long


Meeting Facilitator: Every meeting has a facilitator who makes an agenda of what needs to be discussed at the meeting. The facilitator will go around the room and check in with every position before or after the agenda. At the end of the meeting, someone volunteers to be the facilitator for next week’s meeting. It is also your job to kindly check in on people and make sure that they are doing their chores during the week, that way the meeting can go smoothly. RW

Event Planner: In charge of planning Warren events that reach out to the college community. In charge of bringing budgets to SAS; Mondays at 5:45 in Science building? It’s not something you have to do every week, but when the time comes, You are the GO-TO. Best for people who have busy schedules. SL

Treasurer: In charge of budgeting and collecting money for food. Must keep a record of receipts to give to the secretary for archiving. Also if there are concerns for communal purchases other than food (ie toaster, laundry detergent for kitchen laundry, communal shampoo, etc), the Treasurer should see these purchases through. SL

Secretary: Takes notes at House meetings and keeps records of money-related co-op things. Also takes attendance at meetings. SL

Food Planner: Heads up food-shopping list, communicates with CSA/ Milk-man/ ordering bulk items. Everyone should consult the food-planner if a meal they are cooking requires special ingredients. SL

Garden Manager: In charge of delegating garden jobs and maintaining the garden. In charge of figuring out workdays so that anyone can help in the garden if they choose. Must choose a consistent time when you know people can join you in the garden. SL

Chore System:

Cooking meals, sharing food, and living in a house together requires upkeep. Here is a system in which we can keep each other accountable for our duties. The chores are separated by how often they must be done and each chore is allotted a number of Hours. 3 Hours is the Minimum Amount of Chore Work Required each Week.

Sunday : House meeting around 7pm, unless communicated otherwise…


Kitchen Laundry- ( wash and dry the kitchen dish towels) 1

Recycling ( take recycling to the street)- 1


Fridge: 1 (throwing out anything that smells, past its due date, wiping down each shelf, making sure its organized, needs to be done before the food-shoppers come back with food)

Food shopping- 2


Compost- 1

Common Room Clean-up- ( tidy up the common room, make sure it isn’t cluttered or dirty) 1


Recycling 1


Compost- 1


Farmer’s Market

Cooking Dinner: 1

Doing Dishes/Cleaning up after Dinner: 1

Here are things we aren’t sure about!

-Should we combine food-shopping and farmers market on the same day?

-Should we make sweeping and emptying the dish rack a chore?? Or can we all learn to do these things after doing dishes and cleaning up after dinner??

- Should bread-making be considered a chore?