21 November 2010

House Meeting 11/21/10

Missing: Poppy, Anya, Nora, Elizabeth


  • go shopping Monday
  • try for 10:00 Sunday meeting
  • 10 mins of dishes/ kitchen cleaning worked well
  • Jeamme, Dahlia, Xilo staying here
  • make sure kitchen’s clean before leaving
  • last week we went over, Shannon won’t pay for a couple weeks
  • Xcel document of who pays?
  • lock doors while on break

14 November 2010

House Meeting 11/14/10

Missing: Jeamme, Dahlia, Shannon

$25 this week


  • save till Friday instead of Thursday

Food shopping:

  • Fairway, rice cakes from A& P
  • heartier bread


· Nellen can volunteer, we need to hear from woman in charge

· last week to get vegetables


  • kitchen was nasty
  • don’t fill sink with dishes? space to do them

Staying for T-giving:

Jeamme and Xilo

Fire safety crap:

Hide your stuff!

07 November 2010

Meeting Notes Nov 7 2010

Missing: Beryl, Nora

1. Money and Food:
this week $25, ran low on food this week; essential things; fairway; less treats, more essentials;
staples: bread, milk, egg, cheese, rice cake, peanut butter, butter, tomatoes, jam, flour, onions, garlic, coffee, (tea), nuts and dried berries, veggies (csa), yogurt
liam- apple butter
2. Tea: Darjeeling or duke of earl, kava?
3. Shopping Vans:
a. Berk- Tuesday after 1:30
Wed between 330-7
b. Anya Wed before 1
c. dahlia wed before 12:30, 3:30-7
d. operations talk to mo about van
4. shopping this week:
a. Anya and Shannon with Hazel’s car: $5 for gas
b. CSA:
i. Volunteer: next Monday, Nellen’s going next Monday 3-6, Xilo and Berk may be able to go;
ii. Food: Berk is going with Lenna
5. Dishes: Dahlia noticed dishes built up but not as bad; Shannon says Xilo is rock star; Xilo- kitchen now, not dishes
6. Cleaning: Tomas looking for pots and saw in cabinet there’s some residue, bacteria substance; add cupboard chore
7. Common Room Quiet Hours: not observed this week
8. Table: got a table for living room; Berk and Xilo got table
9. Slonim Green and Future Events: Submitted budget for $300 event in living room, perhaps slo living room, maybe next semester, not here; excited about their event, maybe we can give a few hands and support it; last week of nov and first week of dec;
10. Winter Event: hot chai and snacks; perhaps don-prof dinner, wine, second semester; Tea and Jam event, potluck, low key, cider; December maybe
11. Science barge: next semester ; Taylor Roof: Tuesday between 1:30 and 3:30 perhaps