12 September 2010

House Meeting Notes 09/12/10

House Meeting Notes 09/12

(everyone here but Xilo and Nellen)

House Mission Statement:

-change, better itself

-spread message of living sustainably to rest of campus

-community, spread the word! cooperative living

-start a revolution of entire sustainable, corporation-free campus

-common thread of thought, so bring that thought to rest of campus from ground up, getting people to understand

-sharing + hospitality (allowing greater community to enjoy our community)

-good routine of sustainability, but need to be innovative

-community outreach

-house band!

-music in the house, respect for one another


-harvest party (outreach), house band as entertainment---date to be set before Study Days?

Brainstorm: funding for farmer’s market veggies, promote Stonebarn’s produce- get free stuff for helping them--- Potentially some day in early October; Jam session! make flyers etc. to invite other people to play, acoustic only

Air Conditioning: NO NEED

Attendance at Sustainability Mtgs.:

representative from house, time TBD 2x a month

Go Jeamme and Anya!

House Cookbook/ Blog:

Elizabeth set up blog, emails to post recipes, add notes etc.

Facebook page?


House Goods/ Wish List:

dish towels

toaster oven (Berkeley- E-bay?)

ice trays

dish rack w/ water catch tray

tea kettle

mortar + pestle (?)

bulk flour

(Fund to cover these items- donations + extra funds from previous week)


Shannon got one, woot!

Community partnerships to see about getting cars, maybe apply for ZipCar?

need car on Mondays for CSA and shopping

can drivers’ licenses for those who can drive

Treasurer stuff:

bulk shampoo, dish soap in dishwasher (still broken)


canisters for bulk things, try to get funding from Senate or buy it ourselves

($100 for canisters, possibly be reimbursed)

bulk hand soap for everybody, bulk tea and flour

$20 each this week by tonight or noon tomorrow

coffee share, Xilo’s grandma

Bread Baking:

10 loaves in one day, freezing some

bulk whole-wheat flour

no more freezing bread? (experiment)

New Chore System:

all chores on new list

Farmer’s Market maybe not necessary because of CSA

dish explosion- BAD!!!


find replacement for your job, text whole house to ask for help

Garden Update:

Mondays in-garden, Liam buying supplies tomorrow

seeds, seed trays for germinating inside, prices on greenhouse plastic for cold frames (Ebay) Senate funding but we need stuff right away

New meeting leader:


Notes taken by Beryl

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