24 October 2010

House Meeting 10/24/10

Missing: Elizabeth

Event Clean-up:

  • give AVI back their stuff
  • don’t leave stuff caked on!
  • big scary bean pot….


  • rides?
  • need more staples/ bulk stuff:



  • CSA- volunteering, Shannon for details (Berkeley is going)
  • Stop-N-Shop DOES have local/organic.
  • $20 noon tomorrow
  • Dahlia, Nora going on Wednesday-ish

Slonim People:

  • “Wild Man” Steve Brill
  • Invite people from the Slonim FH to tell them how we do things for dinner?
  • possibly next Sunday at 7 pm, potluck with an e-mail invite or Facebook

Post- Event Discussion:

  • make more of a clean-up plan next time around, have hourly sign-up system for cleaning
  • went really well!!!
  • distribute work more evenly next time so that cooking coordinator doesn’t have to do so much (maybe they don’t cook next time?)
  • coordinate people’s schedules better, make sure people can work together at the same time
  • next time not have an event after Study Days
  • over 100 people!
  • earlier on in the year because it was cold
  • set time earlier in the day so that people can be outside
  • Spring event?
  • co-sponsorship with PETA barbecue- we can get more funding that way
  • ID-taking system rocked! and make them do their dishes while they’re at it.


  • bushes overgown, prune them?
  • ECO meeting tomorrow in Black Squirrel
  • Nellen- schedule for this week

Warren Green Community Dinner

It was a night of folk music, party dresses, and more beans than we could ever handle.

20 October 2010

House Meeting 10/20/10

House Meeting 10/20/10

Absent: Nellen, Liam

Shopping/ Money:

  • for Friday first, then for house at the same time if there’s time
  • week’s delay for van licenses… grrr.
  • money by tonight in jar- $20
  • money for event: full funding! Dahlia fronting money.


  • people- sign up for work duty!
  • everything but clean-up taken, we’ll all chip in
  • other Mead Way houses okay with us using their kitchens, we use our own stuff
  • numbers of people to contact to get into houses
  • use pots/pans from AVI?
  • tables from AVI or College Events
  • give your ID and get a bowl
  • Knife demonstration by Jeamme!

Clean-up for Guests:

  • common room cleaned for guy tomorrow

10 October 2010

House Meeting 10/10/10

Missing: Liam


-Menu: roasted root vegetables, pumpkin, squash, etc. + bean stew, rice, salads, fruit crisp

apple pie?

-use other ovens on Mead Way

-need people to sign up for cooking, $400 budget

-decorations: wax leaves

-bands (Liam’s, or others), Anya in charge of getting in touch with musicians


-still in progress, we did wine instead


-dishes did not get done on the weekend….

-Do ‘em, people!

-dishwasher demo!

-super-auto dishwasher setting is unnecessary, auto will do it

-wash knives immediately, try to reuse utensils

-put away clean dishes the next day?


-put dates on take-out food, if it’s over two weeks throw it away

-put labels on food containers

Mug Hoarding:

Stop doing it, people!

October Study Days:

Who’s going to be here? Make list of people to calculate food costs etc.

-dropped from 13 to 8, and Shannon’s sister

-buy more this week so that there’s food left over for when people come back next week

-people staying put in $25-30

Van Drivers’ Licenses:

-those who aren’t terrified of driving should get them

-CSA pick-up on Monday: Xilo/Nellen?

Sustainability SLC:

-Friday B week

-Salvage Drive, more locations

-they’re trying to get a Sustainability Coordinator, going through process of getting one

-AVI on agenda to commit to local ingredients, recycle, compost, treat workers well

-student position to make sure AVI is fulfilling their contract

-Eli’s composting: Warren is supposed to be the only compost facility

-ZipCar for students

-Energy audit on campus: only managed to completely audit Warren Green

-Yonkers community for energy- film students interested in petitioning Yonkers local government

-have Slonim Faculty House over for dinner

-climate pledge not being fulfilled, trying to make it be


-take cat here?


-cold rooms all the time, but don’t use until it really is cold

-get a spaceheater for Dahlia, rug to insulate the floor, window coverings


-create spaces to talk about how we got interested in the environment

-we live here, but we don’t really talk about it

-liason with Eco-Club (Black Squirrel every other Monday), joint-sponsorship


-those who are leaving for Oct. study days take out stuff if there's anything of theirs in the boxes, those staying can throw them out


-Berkeley, maybe Nellen

*-change shopping day to Sunday!*

-figure out the rest after October Study Days

04 October 2010

Pumpkin Soup!!!

The coziest autumn rainy-night soup. Ever.

Made by our wonderful Nora and Elizabeth!


1 tablespoon unsalted butter
½ tablespoon flour
2 tablespoons brown sugar
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon powdered ginger
¼ teaspoon black pepper
Nutmeg, to taste

dried thyme

chili flakes
3 cups water (or less)
¾ cup milk mixed with yogurt
3 cups pureed cooked pumpkin

onions and garlic


1. SauteƩ onions and garlic in olive oil until transparent.

2. Melt butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add flour and stir with a wooden spoon until thick and light golden, 1 to 2 minutes. Add sugar, salt, ginger, pepper, and nutmeg; stir to incorporate.

3. Add water and cream; bring to a boil over high heat, whisking constantly. Add pumpkin puree and whisk until smooth.

4. Heat until warmed through, adjust seasonings, and serve.

*Also, it's super-delicious served with sweet cornbread.

03 October 2010

Meeting Notes Oct. 3rd

Anya gets her van-driving license this week!


- Facilitator = responsible for making sure that the chore schedule is filled

- Everyone does 2 hrs of either cooking or dishwashing in addition to other chores you sign up for (to avoid the problem of some chores being left blank)


- Two people to volunteer as part of being a 3:00 – 6:50 on Monday (Nellen for the following Monday, and someone else)

- Berkeley pick up this Monday


- Pay Berkeley for Gas for last week

- Buy coffee from TJs

- 20 dollars - $150 for groceries

o Soy milk

o Yogurt

o Bread

o Cheese

o Running list on the fridge

o Surface cleaner?

Utilize Bates


- Write on the fridge: Dish, how much you need, and list of what ingredients are, and price

- Figure out what we’re making

- Roasted veggies? Pasta? Beans?

Budget Meeting Monday

- Talk about ordering tea


- Pull money for it separately

- All loose leaf

- Look at the website Elizabeth e-mailed with us


- Let it produce until it doesn’t, and then plant a cover crop (too late for cold frame)

- Cover crop – winter rye

- Ask about combination to the shed (Elizabeth)


- Everyone who wants in slip $5 under Berkeley’s door

SLC Democrats at the black squirrel Tuesday at 6