07 September 2010

Meeting Two, 6 September 2010

Dearest Warren,

Thank you for your enthusiasm and patience during tonights meeting!

Here are notes as reminders for next weeks meeting as well as general

announcements/ concerns:

-Liam's band will be performing Friday night in the Blue Room!

-Decision-making: Thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs-middle…

-No smoking in bathrooms, okay in personal rooms.

-Alcohol is okay in common room, just don't leave your bottles/glasses.

- email Elizabeth for bulk shampoo requests!

- Elizabeth will have a sheet of paper on her door, bring her money by 3pm.

- Mondays are Garden days! Lets put it in the daily email and invite the campus!

The following people are fulfilling these positions this semester!

Xilo and Dahlia- Event Planners

Berkeley and Shannon- Food Planners

Elizabeth- Treasurer

Liam- Garden Manager

Beryl- Secretary


For next week's meeting, which Poppy is leading:

- creative House mission statement

-Air conditioning

-attendance at Campus Sustainability Meetings

-House cookbook/blog

- CSA in the Bronx

-Jet-dri Packets for dishwasher

-Anya and Liam are figuring out bread baking days

-Nellen will bring some dry erase board and start the new chore system!

Love you all very much

Good luck this week

Rock on,

Nellen <3

Go to container store before whole foods…

Elizabeth will e-mail us about money…

CSA in the Bronx…

Sustainability Meetings

Air Conditioning for next meeting

Need jet-dri packets for dishwasher

Bulk Shampoo/ Laundry Detergent

e-mail Elizabeth…

Dahlia donates laundry detergent…

Dr Broners…

Sheet of paper outside Elizabeth’s door by 3pm…

Here is a sort of break down:
-Produce and perishables: $200
-Reimbursing Shannon for seeds and cleaning supplies: $20
-Reimbursing Berkeley for gas: $10
-Containers (hopefully $10 each!): $50
-Bulk: $300
Total: -$580
+$120 leftover
= 460 / 13 = $35 + a bit extra for farmers market stuff....?! and taxes...? total of $40.

Now, I think that with the bulk food and getting the CSA stuff, we can keep weekly food down to $20-$25.

Be creative! I suggest http://www.yummly.com/recipes/#q= or epicurious or one of the many cookbooks.

On the squash--the delicatas may be ripe (the little ones with green
stripes and ridges), but I was hoping they'd get a little bigger.
Maybe not, though, so maybe we should go for 'em. Don't take the
butternuts yet. They're still greenish.

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