23 January 2011

Jan 23rd Meeting

Goals and Projects -What we haven’t done/What we could do better:

- A party a monthy

o February 11th Sweets Potluck

§ Support other groups on campus

§ Jaime Budget

o “Tea and Jam” March 31st

o Big Event Earth Day with other environmental groups!! Saturday April 20th?

§ Clothing Swap


§ Fund a speaker? Alums? A Band?

· Annie Novak

· Woman who works at the barge

· Geography department’s Enviro summit (Dahlia)

§ Utilize social justice groups on campus

§ Potential schedule:

· Dinner on Friday

· Band Saturday afternoon, clothing swap, PETA BBQ

o Mini Beer Garden

§ Coordination

· 2 people in charge of the whole thing

o Submit budget for big party NOW

- Northeastern Real Food Challenge (Shannon) in February

o Shannon

o Jaime get funding

- Economics of Happiness” film (Dahlia) at Cooper Union 6:30

- Co-op

o petition website

o Send out a doodle (Anya)

o List

§ Berkeley

§ Nellen

§ Shannon

§ Lauren

§ Liam

§ Anya

- SSSF Dinner (Laren

- Ideas for events:

o Valentines event

o Tea and Jam

o Big Party (nicer weather?)

Ideas for house positions:

- Poppy will make the list of house positions to put up

House Notes:

- keep the honey right side up


- $20

- Owe lenna $15

- Buy Pasta