27 February 2011

Share the Love, 18 February 2011

Thanks to Kady for the photos!

getting ready for spring!

Goodbye Winter!

Berk (and Xilo)

Beryl and Jeamme

Nellen, Pops, Shannon

27 February 2011

1. Missing: Anya, Tomas, Dahlia
2. March 7th: Info Sessions for New Members
a. Monday 1-2
b. Tuesday 2:30-3:30
c. Wednesday 6-7
3. Eat lentils; lentils=love
4. Big dinner funded; Poppy’s event, tea and jam not funded by Senate, but found alternate funding
5. Bulk: Xilo will call natural food store and whole foods, Bronxville re: price and compare with whole foods→brown rice, granola, beans and quinoa
6. Party: “money is imaginary” We’re not having another event. Not having another baked goods. Elizabeth will be paid back by not paying for two weeks.
7. Thanks for doing dishes today!