10 March 2011

Application Information

Download our:

Applications are due by Wednesday, March 30, 2011 to the Student Affairs Office in Bates on the 2nd Floor. Students currently abroad can also email their applications to Bobbie Smolow.

06 March 2011

Meeting Notes Sunday 6th of March 2011

Sunday 6th of March 2011-03-06

Warren Green House Meeting 7pm

Missing: Nellen, Poppy

1. Beryl: Warren Green Cookbook, we can all contribute a set of pages and draw/collage/paint

in the book, add recipes. Beryl will get it photocopied, printed and bound. It will be left in
the living room (look after it! and put it back so others can also contribute!)

2. Dishes: this week they were not done. No one is signed up for tonight, and we need to make

sure the house to be clean for the House Tours. It would be really nice for people to be dilligent
about working together and being aware of who does chores and who doesn't. Let's make an extra effort this week.

3. Shopping over spring break. Who is staying: Jeamme+1 Liam, Stephen, Elizabeth +1

Shannon, Xilo +1 . We will try to go shopping together and we’ll put in at least 25 per person
per week, depending on how long people will be staying here.

4. This week we will be giving tours. P turn up for the time you signed up for.

Monday 1-2 : Liam Dahlia Anya Elizabeth

Tuesday 2:30 – 3:30 : Nellen, Lauren, Elizabeth, Xilo

Wednesday 6-7 Shannon, Lauren, Jeamme, Elizabeth.

Younger ones, invite your friends! Let’s get the sophomores and freshmen to come to the

5. Interviews for Warren Green Applicants will be done the week after spring break.

6. Liam’s birthday will be on Tuesday. He will be having friends over on Friday Night to

celebrate his 21st birthday.

7. We got a valet rack, not a drying rack. We can fix it? We can use Shannon’s drying rack when

we want it. It’s in Dahlia’s room for the moment.

8. PARTY: Poppy’s on this. It’s right after spring break. Thursday March 31st? Tea and Jam.

Tell your friends.

9. String Orchestra tonight at 8.

27 February 2011

Share the Love, 18 February 2011

Thanks to Kady for the photos!

getting ready for spring!

Goodbye Winter!

Berk (and Xilo)

Beryl and Jeamme

Nellen, Pops, Shannon

27 February 2011

1. Missing: Anya, Tomas, Dahlia
2. March 7th: Info Sessions for New Members
a. Monday 1-2
b. Tuesday 2:30-3:30
c. Wednesday 6-7
3. Eat lentils; lentils=love
4. Big dinner funded; Poppy’s event, tea and jam not funded by Senate, but found alternate funding
5. Bulk: Xilo will call natural food store and whole foods, Bronxville re: price and compare with whole foods→brown rice, granola, beans and quinoa
6. Party: “money is imaginary” We’re not having another event. Not having another baked goods. Elizabeth will be paid back by not paying for two weeks.
7. Thanks for doing dishes today!

23 January 2011

Jan 23rd Meeting

Goals and Projects -What we haven’t done/What we could do better:

- A party a monthy

o February 11th Sweets Potluck

§ Support other groups on campus

§ Jaime Budget

o “Tea and Jam” March 31st

o Big Event Earth Day with other environmental groups!! Saturday April 20th?

§ Clothing Swap


§ Fund a speaker? Alums? A Band?

· Annie Novak

· Woman who works at the barge

· Geography department’s Enviro summit (Dahlia)

§ Utilize social justice groups on campus

§ Potential schedule:

· Dinner on Friday

· Band Saturday afternoon, clothing swap, PETA BBQ

o Mini Beer Garden

§ Coordination

· 2 people in charge of the whole thing

o Submit budget for big party NOW

- Northeastern Real Food Challenge (Shannon) in February

o Shannon

o Jaime get funding

- Economics of Happiness” film (Dahlia) at Cooper Union 6:30

- Co-op

o petition website

o Send out a doodle (Anya)

o List

§ Berkeley

§ Nellen

§ Shannon

§ Lauren

§ Liam

§ Anya

- SSSF Dinner (Laren

- Ideas for events:

o Valentines event

o Tea and Jam

o Big Party (nicer weather?)

Ideas for house positions:

- Poppy will make the list of house positions to put up

House Notes:

- keep the honey right side up


- $20

- Owe lenna $15

- Buy Pasta

12 December 2010

Last House Meeting of the Semester

Missing: Poppy, Xilo, Anya, Tomas, Berkeley, Nellen, Elizabeth


  • close it up for the winter, break up soil, cover it up w/ cardboard
  • Wednesday or Thursday
  • help Liam!


  • clear out perishables
  • clean out drawers, make it a 2 person chore
  • shopping for less food

  • $20 this week

  • Another sustainable house: make a petition over break, get signatures and give them to Housing