03 October 2010

Meeting Notes Oct. 3rd

Anya gets her van-driving license this week!


- Facilitator = responsible for making sure that the chore schedule is filled

- Everyone does 2 hrs of either cooking or dishwashing in addition to other chores you sign up for (to avoid the problem of some chores being left blank)


- Two people to volunteer as part of being a 3:00 – 6:50 on Monday (Nellen for the following Monday, and someone else)

- Berkeley pick up this Monday


- Pay Berkeley for Gas for last week

- Buy coffee from TJs

- 20 dollars - $150 for groceries

o Soy milk

o Yogurt

o Bread

o Cheese

o Running list on the fridge

o Surface cleaner?

Utilize Bates


- Write on the fridge: Dish, how much you need, and list of what ingredients are, and price

- Figure out what we’re making

- Roasted veggies? Pasta? Beans?

Budget Meeting Monday

- Talk about ordering tea


- Pull money for it separately

- All loose leaf

- Look at the website Elizabeth e-mailed with us


- Let it produce until it doesn’t, and then plant a cover crop (too late for cold frame)

- Cover crop – winter rye

- Ask about combination to the shed (Elizabeth)


- Everyone who wants in slip $5 under Berkeley’s door

SLC Democrats at the black squirrel Tuesday at 6

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