20 October 2010

House Meeting 10/20/10

House Meeting 10/20/10

Absent: Nellen, Liam

Shopping/ Money:

  • for Friday first, then for house at the same time if there’s time
  • week’s delay for van licenses… grrr.
  • money by tonight in jar- $20
  • money for event: full funding! Dahlia fronting money.


  • people- sign up for work duty!
  • everything but clean-up taken, we’ll all chip in
  • other Mead Way houses okay with us using their kitchens, we use our own stuff
  • numbers of people to contact to get into houses
  • use pots/pans from AVI?
  • tables from AVI or College Events
  • give your ID and get a bowl
  • Knife demonstration by Jeamme!

Clean-up for Guests:

  • common room cleaned for guy tomorrow

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