24 October 2010

House Meeting 10/24/10

Missing: Elizabeth

Event Clean-up:

  • give AVI back their stuff
  • don’t leave stuff caked on!
  • big scary bean pot….


  • rides?
  • need more staples/ bulk stuff:



  • CSA- volunteering, Shannon for details (Berkeley is going)
  • Stop-N-Shop DOES have local/organic.
  • $20 noon tomorrow
  • Dahlia, Nora going on Wednesday-ish

Slonim People:

  • “Wild Man” Steve Brill
  • Invite people from the Slonim FH to tell them how we do things for dinner?
  • possibly next Sunday at 7 pm, potluck with an e-mail invite or Facebook

Post- Event Discussion:

  • make more of a clean-up plan next time around, have hourly sign-up system for cleaning
  • went really well!!!
  • distribute work more evenly next time so that cooking coordinator doesn’t have to do so much (maybe they don’t cook next time?)
  • coordinate people’s schedules better, make sure people can work together at the same time
  • next time not have an event after Study Days
  • over 100 people!
  • earlier on in the year because it was cold
  • set time earlier in the day so that people can be outside
  • Spring event?
  • co-sponsorship with PETA barbecue- we can get more funding that way
  • ID-taking system rocked! and make them do their dishes while they’re at it.


  • bushes overgown, prune them?
  • ECO meeting tomorrow in Black Squirrel
  • Nellen- schedule for this week

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